Atlético de Madrid receives a slumping Real Sociedad

This Saturday, November 25th, Atlético de Madrid receives Real Socidad at 22:00 in their home stadium of Vicente Calderón. The Basque side has begun the season in the worst possible way and their Board of Directors decided to let head coach José Mare Bakero go and replace him with Lotina, hoping that he can turn the team around. Nevertheless, Javer Aguirre’s team shouldn’t be too overconfident, given that this match could provide them with three very valuable points that would establish themselves firmly in the upper part of the standings. Past history is on the side of the madrilian team in a convincing fashion. Atlético and Real Sociedad have faced each other 57 times in Madrid in league play over the course of their history, with the balance clearly in favour of the red and white team. Atlético has won on 41 occasions, while the basque side has only been victorious 5 times, and the two teams have shared the points on 11 occasions. The matches between the two sides have been historically spectacular and unforgettable and as proof of this only twice (seasons 1989/90 and 1992/93) have the matches ended in scoreless draws. Atlético has scored 142 goals in these games, while Real Sociedad has only managed to put 57 on the board.